Objectives of the meeting

This aim of the meeting is to review current evidence regarding correlates of protection against COVID-19, identify gaps in knowledge and define research strategies to advance vaccine-induced protection against beta coronaviruses. The meeting will also discuss the role of controlled human infection model studies for the identification of correlates of protection and evaluation of novel vaccines.

A multidisciplinary panel of experts will participate in the meeting. Ample time will be given to discussions to generate a common understanding of the topic and define guidelines for the way forward. Proceedings and conclusions from the conference will be published in Biologicals.

Scientific Committee

  • Cristina Cassetti NIAID
  • Jakob Cramer CEPI
  • Marion Gruber IAVI
  • Adam Hacker CEPI
  • Deborah King Wellcome Trust
  • Arnaud Marchant EPIV ULB
  • Pieter Neels Vaccine Advice
  • Stanley Plotkin UPenn
  • Pierre Van Damme EPIV UA
  • Joris Vandeputte IABS

Organising Committee

  • Abbie Charlet, IABS, France